Clique Editions, 2018

DE-METRO is a smart pot,  equipped with sensors which estimate the soil humidity levels and suggests when to water the plants with a soft and discrete indirect light. Is spart of The Circuit Collection by Clique Edition.

Objects produced in marble and whose twofold technological element (the robots that produced them, but also Arduino and Raspberry) has the ability to redefine the use of the natural stone in context, updating it to the contemporary world, showing us what the future has in store for it. And so commemorative works give way to elegant objects that represent the state-of-the art in terms of design and research alike. _ey have the ability to interact dynamically with the

space surrounding them and, in some cases, to operate autonomously, carrying out tasks assigned to them beforehand. The market has accustomed us to clocks with transparent cases and dials to show us dozens, or even hundreds, of minuscule gears in action. Since the 90s, by contrast, we have been witnessing a revolution that can be summed up in the word “naked”. Naked are for example those motorcycles with their frame and cylinders in full view, in no need of coverings hiding them.


Marble, in the case of the 2018 Clique Smart Matters collection, takes on a similar function: if on the one hand our gaze can reach a heart of steel and gears, on the other hand shiny and coloured electronic elements lend themselves to an act of divination, like an Etruscan altar devoted to the art of the haruspices. Through their relentless activity, these elements allow the viewer to foresee the traits of the future that is awaiting us. A tomorrow where the objects that stud our houses will respond to our desires and replace us in routine tasks, providing us with useful information or making the act of inhabiting a place more comfortable.