Microgiardino Diffuso

CittàStudio, 2019

CITTÀSTUDIO is a project born in the neighbourhood for the Neighbourhood. From an idea by Claudio Larcher and Francesco Fusillo, a group of designers who live & work in the Città Studi (Student City) district of Milan have collaborated to understand and explore the local community and develop ideas capable of improving people’s lives.

A virtuous design model, who’s ambition is to makes its service available to the whole community: a small collection of objects designed by 13 designers and conceived from the needs (or urgencies) of the local district.

A series of small gestures contributing to a wider reflection on “bringing back the love” for the neighbourhood.

My project Microgiardino Diffuso is an object imagined to contaminate traffic light, bus stop shelters and the dirtiest poles of the neighborhood. Microgiardino Diffuso is realized with a versatile and familiar coupling system, to be as inclusive as possible.

Mercato Fusina was the theatre of this first experiment, here you will find designers mingling with the local community of “useful” professions and services. Among the greengrocers and newsagent, you will find the designers of CITTÀSTUDIO, far from their desks relating with actual clients, their neighbours. In this scenario, the significance of “Fuorisalone” is reinstated of its original meaning, the ability for design to speak to the greater public without the unnecessary spectacularization.

The projects / objects produced by CITTÀSTUDIO are small experiments for the community sold through a vending machine, we chose the vending machine because although it’s an impersonal method of distribution we belive it’s the perfect method of delivering the objects quickly, as if to offer a quick solution to small local problems at a very accessible price.

Each design piece will be sold at a symbolic price, as a sign of good will towards the inhabitants of the neighbourhood to make a good use of the ideas and notions donated by the designers.

CITTÀSTUDIO are Claudio Larcher, Francesco Fusillo, FromouterSpace, Andrea Gianni, Alessandro Gnocchi, Ilaria.i, Studio Lido, Lorenz+Kaz, Martinelli Venezia, PlayArchitecture, Filippo Protasoni, Gianmaria Sforza, Supercake, Tecnificio, TourDeFork